Onsite Training Enquiry

To maximise your organisation's use of ChurchSuite, why not have one of our expert trainers come to your location to deliver 'in person' training for you and your team?

Suitable for groups up to 25 people, and all levels of previous experience, training is offered Monday to Friday, with a typical day running 9.30am to 4.30pm.

For your information, the cost for a trainer to come to your site is £400 + the trainer's return travel @45p/mile + VAT. Our trainers are based in Bournemouth, Bristol and Nottingham, depending on your preferred date and their availability. Where the distance being travelled exceeds 100 miles there may be an additional charge for overnight accommodation, so the trainer can arrive prompt and fresh at the start of the day.

A training day is typically divided into sessions, each covering a different area of interest; and of course you get to set the itinerary for the day based on your team's felt needs.

If this is of interest, please provide us with the requested information below so that we can check availability and send you a formal estimate for approval.